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Glaucoma: The Silent Disease

on 12/27/2017 10:10 AM
Glaucoma has been called the “silent disease” because there are usually no symptoms and no pain.  Phyllis Diller once advised women, “Whatever you may look like, marry a man your own age—as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight.”  It is true that our vision does change as we age. We may hold the book farther away until reading glasses become necessa...
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Proper Hand Washing: The Easiest Route to Healthier Living

on 12/01/2017 4:43 PM
Many of us go to great lengths to stay healthy and avoid illness and infections. However, many people neglect the easiest way to limit the transfer of bacteria and viruses and it’s practically free—proper hand washing.   As you touch door handles, shake hands, and touch grocery carts, germs come in contact with your hands. These germs are easily spread to your eyes, nose, ...
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COPD: Prevalence, Treatment, and Quality of Life

on 11/14/2017 8:10 AM
If you’re one of the millions of Americans who have been diagnosed with COPD, you know the symptoms—coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, fatigue, difficulty taking a deep breathe, and tightness in your chest. You also know that living with COPD can impact your quality of life.   What is COPD? The National Institutes of Health report that over 14 million Americans have...
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Randolph ED and DON Accept AHCA Award

on 10/31/2017 1:50 PM
Marilyn Alberson, executive director, and Dawn Imel, director of nursing, at Randolph Nursing & Rehabilitation attended the AHCA/NCAL’s 68th Annual Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15-18, 2017 to receive the Bronze – Commitment to Quality Award.   “It’s an honor to be recognized for our commitment to delivering quality care,” sa...
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Cider and Donuts - Nov. 10

on 10/24/2017 9:43 AM
Slide in for warm cider and a sweet treat at Randolph Nursing & Rehabilitation, 701 South Oak Street in Winchester, on November 10 from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.  "Donut" miss out on a FREE delicious donut from Fountain Acre Foods and some warm cider!  In celebration of Veteran's Day, any veteran who stops by will receive a special gift. There will be curbside ser...
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4th Annual Christmas Party

on 10/24/2017 9:38 AM
Join Randolph Nursing & Rehabilitation for a magical night that will be filled with laughter and smiles as we celebrate our 4th annual FREE Kids Christmas Party on December 8 from 5-7 p.m. Santa will be stopping by along with a special elf or two.    The magic begins though with two special reindeer Santa will be bringing with him for the young and the old to enjoy....
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Center Celebrated World Gratitude Day with Tacos

on 10/23/2017 4:34 PM
What better way for us to thank our community for their support at all of our events than to say "Bravo to you with a Free Taco!" Randolph Nursing and Rehabilitation is very lucky to be part of such an amazing community in Winchester, Indiana. So, we wanted to say bravo to everyone for making us proud to be a part of such a great community. Besides, who does not like a walkin...
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Hearing Loss Prevention for Older Adults

on 10/04/2017 1:00 PM
Have you been to a movie theater lately and enjoyed the surround sound experience? Did you know that the noise level of that movie probably approached 98 decibels, only slightly below a rock concert? ​ With our nation’s population of older adults increasing, hearing loss has been called a major public health issue. Men tend to develop hearing loss about six years before women, often...
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Annual Carnival a Huge Success

on 09/22/2017 9:01 AM
The 3rd Annual Randolph Nursing & Rehabilitation Back to School Carnival was a HUGE success! More than 300 people attended the FREE event on August 12 in Winchester, Indiana.    The sounds of laughter, along with music by The Green de Villes, filled the air. While the music played, the children played game after game collecting tickets to take to the overstocked prize booth. ...
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Healthy Eating for Older Adults Does Not Have to be Complicated

on 09/19/2017 2:50 PM
Our bodies change as we journey from 60 to 80 and beyond. These physical and health changes require that we choose what goes in our body with even more thought than in our younger days. It doesn't have to be complicated. Eating a variety of foods from all food groups and limiting sodium and sugar will help supply the nutrients we need as we age. We’re not too old to learn some new tric...
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Free Lunch! National Hot Dog Day - July 19

By admin on 07/13/2017 12:45 PM
Come out to Randolph Nursing and Rehabilitation and enjoy a free lunch including a hot dog or chili dog, chips and a drink on July 19 from 11-1pm.  Help us celebrate National Hot Dog Day while bringing back the days of the carhop. There will be curbside service along with outdoor seating.  
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Center Earns 2017 Bronze National Quality Award

By admin on 06/01/2017 12:47 PM
Randolph Nursing & Rehabilitation has been recognized as a 2017 recipient of the Bronze – Commitment to Quality Awardfor its dedication to improving the lives of residents through quality care. The distinction is one of three progressive award levels through the National Quality Award Program, presented by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living ...
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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

By admin on 05/19/2017 12:57 PM
It was a "take me out to the ballgame" day at Randolph Nursing and Rehabilitation as residents and staff celebrated National Nursing Home Week.  What is more American than a day spent at the ball park?  As the teams filled up the residents had fun deciding who they would cheer on during the game.  The residents with clappers in hand enjoyed rooting on their favorite...
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What Your Mom Really Wants This Mothers Day

By admin on 05/14/2017 12:58 PM
She was there when you soared and there when you failed, moms are often the biggest cheerleader for their children.  But, there comes a time when as children we become mom's advocate. The one who gently pushes her to go to the doctor for care, to eat more, or make it through a few weeks of therapy after an injury or surgery.  Each Mother's Day, children of all ages honor the c...
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Senior Sun Safety Tips

By admin on 05/01/2017 12:59 PM
Summer is a time of year most people look forward to, especially in the cool winter months. However, there are some precautions individuals should take to stay safe during months with excessive heat. Seniors, infants and children, and those with chronic conditions are vulnerable to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. While excessive heat can bother anyone, seniors are at a special risk, especially...
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Groovy Biscuits & Gravy - April 21

on 04/21/2017 1:03 PM
Join us at Randolph Nursing and Rehabilitation on April 21, 2017, for our Groovy Gravy and Biscuits from 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. Curb side service for this free event. Remember the seventies or experience this era for the first time! We will be taking advance orders and delivering around the square in Winchester for 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.
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Groovy Gravy and Biscuits

on 04/21/2017 1:01 PM
It was a groovy time with good food at Randolph Nursing and Rehabilitation in Winchester, Indiana, as we hosted the  First  Annual Groovy Gravy & Biscuits on April 21.  The event allowed those who drove up for curbside service to get free biscuits and gravy along with a drink and a hippie rubber duck.  The staff had a great time dressing up for the event to deliver breakfas...
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Eggtacular Craft Night: March Make It & Take It Event

on 04/16/2017 1:02 PM
"Eggtacular" craft night was a success at Randolph Nursing and Rehabilitation. The monthly events feature a different craft each month.  In March, the attendees made Easter centerpieces out of Styrofoam cones decorated with Easter eggs and grass.  The events allow everyone who attends to add a personal touch to their craft. They are able to learn from each other while e...
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3rd Annual Children's Christmas Party

on 12/25/2016 1:02 PM
It was a magical night in Winchester, Indiana, at Randolph Nursing and Rehabilitation's 3rd Annual Kids Christmas Party as Santa arrived in his carriage. As the children anxiously awaited his arrival, a light snow started to fall making the night perfect for horse and carriage rides with Santa. The children's faces lit up as they heard  Ho! Ho! Ho! in the distance.  Children...
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